“LinkedIn Made Easy” – a unique experiment!

How often does something really truly tick ALL the boxes?  Well this new e-book does.  First, “LinkedIn Made Easy” explains everything you never quite “got” about LinkedIn, helps you speed your way to a 100% completed profile, and shows you how to avoid the pitfalls whilst gaining the maximum possible professional benefit from your membership.   

Secondly, “LinkedIn Made Easy” is a charity fundraiser, with proceeds going to support and develop entrepreneurs and start-up businesses in developing countries, plus funding The Hysterectomy Association.  Two great causes.

And finally, this book is an enormous experiment, to prove once and for all that social networking / e-networking really works.  The aim is to sell 200,000 books in 30 days – solely through the media of internet social networking sites.  My personal interest in this is to find out how fast a message can travel if contact pass it on to contacts, how effective LinkedIn groups are, how LinkedIn compares to Facebook etc.  This information will inform my own work in raising the profile of charities I’m working with, publicising events, and spreading social messages. 

So buy the book – simply go to  http://whoselinked.com  and also sign up for the blog which will track sales and where they come from over the next 30 days.

For under a fiver, this e-book enables you to:

  • get more fully engaged with LinkedIn (which will increase your business effectiveness); 
  • painlessly donate to two important causes (which will make you feel good);
  • gain a rapid analysis of business networking routes (which will improve your own use of networking).

Seems like a no-brainer to me!   http://whoselinked.com

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One Comment on ““LinkedIn Made Easy” – a unique experiment!”

  1. Thank you Tamara, you have pretty much captured what I hoped people would be able to get from the ebook

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