The Tipping Point

Today I heard that a fundraising bid I had submitted was successful in achieving £80,000 towards the New Druitt Community Centre in Christchurch, bringing the total raised to £100,000 – a crucial tipping point in that although there is a long way to go, it suddenly begins to look possible.  Local people can engage in the project without scepticism, and other funders will be more willing to agree our next round of funding applications.    

Getting that first major grant is vital in any fundraising campaign.  It gives other charitable foundations confidence, and in the case of a building project it allows those early, “unsexy” tasks to begin, such as paying for architects, quantity surveyors, and the procurement process.  Many funders are happy to pay for the more “visual” aspects – ideally they prefer the final stages of fitting out so they can have a plaque on a room!  But of most use to any project is a charitable foundation with foresight, willing to fund the first phase, the boring but essential phase.  So today I’m using this blog to thank the Talbot Village Charitable Trust for being courageous and laying the foundations – literally – for this exciting new hall.  Bravo! – and thank you.

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One Comment on “The Tipping Point”

  1. Barry Freeman Says:

    Brilliant! What fantastic news for Christchurch!

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