Sharing the secrets of my favourite charitable trusts and foundations

Given the season of good will and all that, I wondered whether there would be any interest in me sharing the details of some of my favourite less well-known charitable trusts and foundations?    

I’m currently working on a major capital appeal for Christchurch Community Partnership, to build a new community centre – so just for the time being I shan’t be sharing any sources that I’m in the middle of applying to!

But after that contract finishes, I will be retiring from direct fundraising to concentrate on skills-sharing through my training courses, so am happy to use my blog to share some of the sources from which I have had better-than-average success rates, and even some of the best “secret” sources of funding which receive very little publicity.

If that’s of interest to any regular or passing readers, please leave a comment below.

And step 4 of the Ten Steps to the Perfect Funding Bid will follow in a few days.

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12 Comments on “Sharing the secrets of my favourite charitable trusts and foundations”

  1. Umashankar Says:

    Dear Tamaraessex,
    I delighted to know about your unique fundraising techniques. Let me introduce ADHAR, a grassroots level NGO working in poorest Orissa state of India since last 17 years. ADHAR basically works with the deprived Children, Children and People with Disability and Elderly. We are interested to generate individual funding to address the complex issues of these disadvantages section of society. Could you please help us in this regard? We are interested to avail your service on Fundraising, kindly respond me you wish to help us in fundraising.

    Umashankar Sahu
    Executive Director,
    At/P.O. Loisingha.
    Dist. Bolangir, Orissa
    PIN: 767020

    • tamaraessex Says:

      Dear Umashankar Sahu – I have replied privately to you more fully. Very best wishes for your important work supporting some of the most disadvantaged people in society.

  2. Ray Fellows Says:

    We are a non profit in Massachusetts which provides free health care and scholarships to America’s children who do not have these resources. I would be interested in seeing your information. Thank you, Ray

    • tamaraessex Says:

      Ray – the majority of the trusts and foundations I have successfully applied to are UK-based. However the Ten Steps to the Perfect Funding Bid principles apply world-wide, so I hope those are of some use to you.

  3. Darren Says:

    Hi Tamara,

    I’d be very interested in this and I think a lot of fundraisers at smaller charities would be too!


  4. Gerry Conaghan Says:

    Hi Tamara
    I am helping several charities with fundraising and finance and I am interested in receiving information on other potential funders. The charities I am working with are based in Scotland so the potential funders have to be willing to support Scottish based charities.
    Kind regards
    Gerry Conaghan

  5. Hi Tamara,
    As a small charity we would most definitely be interested in hearing about lesser known trusts. We don’t have the money available to but the books and access the databases etc that give funder information and we are currently struggling to secure funding so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • tamaraessex Says:

      Nicola – have a read of step 2 of the Ten Steps, and register with Funding Central (the link is in the blog). It is a little time-consuming but well worth it as this is pretty much replacing all those books, and FunderFinder etc. It’s free to use, and it’ll email you to let you know about new opportunites, and about approaching deadlines. And of course keep reading my blog!

  6. Bashiera Says:

    Tamara – I am a freelance fundraiser working on projects here and there, doing trusts, so always on the lookout for sources of information on trusts and foundations. I usually do my own research which is dependent on making the required investment in the various resources one needs to get the research right and cannot always invest in all of them. Any further information would be a real bonus and of great help!

  7. Anne Felming Says:

    Hi Tamara

    I’d be very interested in this – as a growing children’s charity we need to access as many sources of funding as possible and don’t currently have an in-house trusts and foundations expert

  8. June Says:

    Thanks for wise words of advice today, you have been so helpful and sincere !!!…

    Will keep in touch with updates…

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