With southern England surprised – yet again – by falling snow, and unable to cope, I could have felt quite isolated up here on the top of this 700ft hill of Shaftesbury greenstone.  The roads in all directions were closed for a couple of days, but many shop staff walked to work and kept things going for customers togged up in walking boots and ski sticks.  The Dunkirk spirit prevailed as always.

No it wasn’t the snow but the 9-day loss of internet access over new year that isolated me.  Having a key to Shaftesbury’s public internet shop helped,but just grabbing half an hour twice a day to catch up on work-related emails demonstrated my / our dependence on the social interactions we get through Facebook, LinkedIn, emails etc.

Finally all is fixed, I have been de-isolated as well as de-ice-olated 🙂  

The fifth of the “Ten Steps to the Perfect Fundraising Bid” will follow within a couple of days.

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One Comment on “De-ice-olation?”

  1. Mathew Says:

    Hi Tamara,
    So now it makes fun raising thru ice-olation. Fantastic to start the new year2010!!!Wish u all the best.

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