Lottery – reasons they reject bids:

The Blog is Back!!!   My apologies for the gap since the last blog entry.  Hopefully this will make up for it – I’ve unofficially got hold of the official list of the top eleven reasons that Lottery applications are rejected, and I’m sharing  the top three here.  

There aren’t any real surprises here, but reading the full list does help focus the mind.  These are in order – so what it shows us is that the LARGEST number of Lottery applications are rejected simply because they don’t adequately meet the aim of the fund applied for.   Here’s the list  – the top three reasons Lottery applications are rejected:

1.     Not sufficiently meeting the aims of the fund

2.    Identified need for the project not adequately demonstrated

3.     Did not represent sufficient value for money

All of these are clearly avoidable.   Read the past entries in this blog, and sign up to receive the rest of the “Ten Steps to the Perfect Funding Bid” to get clear guidance on getting these right and avoiding the waste paper bin.

 The real surprise for me was that “Not having clear and demonstrable outcomes” wasn’t anywhere on the full list of eleven.  This has always received a high priority on any funding panels on which I have sat.  I’d suggest making sure this section on any application form is as good as it possibly can be!

Happy bid-writing!

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2 Comments on “Lottery – reasons they reject bids:”

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  2. […] This kind of thing is sadly common.  I blogged last year about how the Lottery Board members see a “Top Secret” list of the most common reasons for the failure of Lottery applications.  A useful list – but they don’t want applicants to see it!  The full list is given out on my training course “Ten Steps to the Perfect Funding Bid”, and the top three are in the blog entitled Lottery:  Reasons They Reject Bids. […]

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