Ten Steps to the Perfect Funding Bid: step 6

Demonstrate Your Track Record: 

As well as having a superb project that exactly hits the priorities of your chosen funder, any charitable trust or foundation needs to feel confident that your organisation is robust and that you have the capability to successfully manage the project you are proposing.

Spell out that your organisation is robust, has delivered a range of projects successfully before, and has managed budgets of a similar size.  List a few specific projects that have worked well.   If this is a larger project than you have managed before, use other ways of demonstrating that you have the skills – you might have a Trustee with a financial background, or a member of staff who managed large projects in their previous job, or a Trustee who works for a larger organisation and manages large budgets, for example.  

If you have achieved external awards or standards such as Investors in People or Investing in Volunteers, or other standards relevant to your areas of work that show you are recognised in your field, don’t forget to mention these. 

Make the funder feel comfortable by succinctly itemising your legal status, mission, founding date, number of trustees etc.  Mention if you have a business plan, and list some of your policies such as Volunteer Management, Child Protection, Training & Development, Reserves etc.

It is perfectly possible to submit a description of the greatest project ever envisaged, but if the funder doesn’t see evidence that you are capable of delivering it, the funding will not be achieved. 

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