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Fundraising in a Recession

November 18, 2009

In the current economic climate, fundraising from businesses is harder than ever.  Worse still is the impact the Olympics are having on the availability of Lottery funding.  Reduced “pots” under the Lottery umbrella has massively lowered the success rate of applications – we used to expect a 25% success rate, this has plummetted to around 10%, even for Awards for All (the most “accessible” funding pot).  In turn, this pushes more applicants on to the charitable trusts and foundations, thus lowering the success rate there too. 

When funders know that 90% of the bids they read won’t be funded, they look for a reason to throw yours into the “reject” heap.   It is essential therefore to ensure that your funding bid avoids the wastepaper bin.  I’ll be publishing tips from my “Ten Steps to the Perfect Funding Bid” here over the next month to help charities and community organisations write well-targetted, realistic and well-evidenced funding proposals.