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Communitybuilders and money-laundering

February 16, 2011

Now I’m not in favour of money laundering.  Indeed it’s fair to say I’m against it.  Therefore, I suppose, I’m in favour of steps which mitigate against money laundering.  However Communitybuilders really truly do go a step too far.  Several steps too far.  Many many many steps too far. (more…)

Favourite funding sources – for capital projects

February 8, 2010

A few people have asked for information about funders for capital projects (especially for buildings), so this blog will focus on current sources for community buildings in the UK.  I’m going to describe my current experience of three major grant applications which I am submitting on behalf of Christchurch Community Partnership for their new Druitt Hall community centre.  We are at the stage that we have fairly detailed architects’ plans, for which planning permission has been secured, and the land is in the process of being transferred to us.     (more…)