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Communitybuilders and money-laundering

February 16, 2011

Now I’m not in favour of money laundering.  Indeed it’s fair to say I’m against it.  Therefore, I suppose, I’m in favour of steps which mitigate against money laundering.  However Communitybuilders really truly do go a step too far.  Several steps too far.  Many many many steps too far. (more…)

Ten Steps to the Perfect Funding Bid: step 6

June 20, 2010

Demonstrate Your Track Record: 

As well as having a superb project that exactly hits the priorities of your chosen funder, any charitable trust or foundation needs to feel confident that your organisation is robust and that you have the capability to successfully manage the project you are proposing.

Spell out that your organisation is robust, has delivered a range of projects successfully before, and has managed budgets of a similar size.  List a few specific projects that have worked well.   If this is a larger project than you have managed before, use other ways of demonstrating that you have the skills – you might have a Trustee with a financial background, or a member of staff who managed large projects in their previous job, or a Trustee who works for a larger organisation and manages large budgets, for example.   (more…)

The Tipping Point

November 25, 2009

Today I heard that a fundraising bid I had submitted was successful in achieving £80,000 towards the New Druitt Community Centre in Christchurch, bringing the total raised to £100,000 – a crucial tipping point in that although there is a long way to go, it suddenly begins to look possible.  Local people can engage in the project without scepticism, and other funders will be more willing to agree our next round of funding applications.     (more…)