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And fundraising just got harder …..

July 16, 2010

So the voluntary and community sector will get less Lottery money.  Isn’t that just great?  What started out as being “our” pot of money all those years ago, then got raided to fund bolt-on NHS services and bolt-on education services.  And then came the Olympics.  (more…)


Lottery – reasons they reject bids:

May 25, 2010

The Blog is Back!!!   My apologies for the gap since the last blog entry.  Hopefully this will make up for it – I’ve unofficially got hold of the official list of the top eleven reasons that Lottery applications are rejected, and I’m sharing  the top three here.   (more…)

Passing the test is not the same as learning to drive …..

November 14, 2009

Doing GCSE Spanish last academic year was quite frustrating at times, as the curriculum was focussed on passing the GCSE exams, rather than on improving our Spanish.  Being an Adult Education class, most of the attenders had homes or family in Spain, or travelled there frequently for work, and were interested in genuine communication.  However our homework kept focussing on “work experience”, “penfriends”, and “hobbies”.  Fair enough I suppose, because that’s what the exams focussed on.

This week I’ve been developing course materials for an NVQ course in community development.  I’m delivering the Fundraising and Resources for Community Groups elements.  But instead of being able to actually practice different tasks within writing effective fundraising bids, the participants must complete “worksheets” that demonstrate that they have been told the theory of writing bids, and that they have understood what they have been told.  Not that they have tried it out for themselves!  Indeed such are the constraints that I have even needed to drop some practical sessions from my regular course, in order to fit in a simple worksheet to cover the differences between core funding, revenue funding, and capital funding.  A section which would take a minute and a half in my normal “Ten Steps to the Perfect Fundraising Bid” course.

But I must be fair on the participants, and whilst I’m sure they would rather learn the practicalities, they also need to pass their NVQs in order to get themselves jobs as Community Development Workers, before they can help voluntary and community groups with their fundraising.  And they need to “evidence their learning” with these completed worksheets.  So that is how I will deliver the course. 

But I’d rather ensure they knew how to help our struggling rural community organisations REALLY to write the perfect fundraising bid!

Season of mists …..

November 12, 2009

Well after a beautiful start to the autumn, the weather has suddenly become very dull and wet.   Ideal for long sessions on the computer writing reports, analysing incoming tenders, and researching new funding opportunities for clients.

Fundraising for Christchurch Community Partnership’s New Druitt Community Centre is at that tense stage of waiting for responses from some major funders.  We have high hopes for some of the fundraising applications we have submitted.   And the community involvement reaches its peak on our “Do It For Druitt” day in Christchurch High Street on November 21st. The fundraising website for the New Druitt Community Centre can be seen at

My training course on writing effective fundraising bids gained great evaluations for its last two outings ……. “Fantastically useful and inspiring!” ………. “Very helpful – thank you!” ……. “Well organised and presented in a very friendly manner which encouraged discusions.” …….. “All very useful”

The course will be run in the full-day format twice in Somerset in December (two places remain for December 12th – contact VISTA to book):